There are few ways to make a fashion statement as cheaply and noticeably as awesome shoelaces -- simply choose funky colors that contrast with your shoes and learn a unique way to lace them. There are more than 47 different ways to lace your shoes, so surely one of them will suit your style!
Many running shoes have an extra pair of eyelets at the top of the shoe, to be used in a "lace lock" technique that supports and protects the runner's feet. But certain Converse shoes have extra eyelets on their insoles, and many people have wondered over the years what, exactly, their purpose is. Hint: it's not for water drainage, a carryover from when Converse specialized in producing rubber galoshes.

Sarah Barlow decided to answer the question via a video uploaded to YouTube in May 2016. She demonstrates that, in addition to providing ventilation to your feet -- which is the boring answer to the question -- the extra eyelets can be utilized to create a "custom lace" look. 

Barlow's video has been viewed nearly three million times in 15 days, so maybe her technique won't be unique enough for some folks to try. That's okay... with at least 46 other lacing methods to learn, there should be enough to keep you busy all summer long.